Tools for Specialty Filmmaking for Corporate and Commercial Videos
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Almost any type of speciality instrument is available to capture the perfect shot in the realm of large budget feature filmmaking. Whatever a filmmaker can conceive, gear exists to assist make his or her idea a reality, from slow-motion cameras to underwater housings to action cameras and automobile mounts, helicopter shots, and cranes. 

Few tools are more likely to be explored in the field of corporate filmmaking because of their relatively modest financial impact but an enormous leap in production value. Though high-budget commercial filmmaking has all of the fun toys (techniques like "bullet time" from The Matrix and many early CG efforts were pioneered on commercials), corporate video projects can also feature a few of them.

1. Action Cameras:

With the recent rise of action cameras, like the well-known GoPro brand, filmmakers may now create spectacular views by placing the camera right in the middle of the action. The GoPro allows for Ultra HD cinematography without high production expenses, from snowboarder or paraglider helmet shots to economical car-mounted cruising. Any company that wants to highlight the thrill of their product in action can use a GoPro to capture difficult-to-film footage on the go. GoPro cameras may be used in a variety of ways for capturing story segments and product demos, so they aren't just for extreme sports or outdoor products.

2. Drone Cameras:

Drone camera work has become one of the fastest-growing segments of the videography industry, owing to the low cost of many of the top drones. A cameraman may buy a ready-to-shot drone set up for less than $1,000 and shoot HD footage practically anyplace. The major barrier to entry for quality drone footage is an experience rather than an expense. With so many drone alternatives, finding the ideal equipment is best left to an experienced cameraman who knows what is required for good image gathering. 

Any qualified drone shooter will put in hundreds of hours of practice on their own to get the greatest photos rapidly, in addition to picking the correct drone. Purchasing camera equipment does not imply competency as a professional operator, as it does with any other piece of equipment.

Drone camera work can significantly improve the production value of corporate videos and is well worth the expenditure for many businesses. Your goal as a marketing professional, like any advertising, is to highlight your company's best attributes and express quality. Drone work is not an appropriate use of resources if you're selling a home item. What better approach to display your property than a gorgeous birds-eye-view video clip combined into your corporate video if you're marketing a high-end luxury apartment complex in a desirable location?

Vineyards, senior living communities, outdoor products companies, commercial real estate companies, and corporate commercials including tale elements with epic production qualities are all excellent examples.

3. Camera Cranes:

A little camera crane is another economical filmmaking equipment for many corporate videos. Many inexpensive camera cranes have a 15-foot boom, whereas portable jib rigs only have roughly 6 feet. You're watching the "boom" movement of a camera on a crane when you see a camera in a Hollywood film move from a streetlight down to the level of a passing car. Videos displaying businesses, properties, and other points of interest benefit greatly from similar types of shots. 

Depending on the time of year, schedule, and intricacy, the cost of hiring a crane operator for a few hours might range from $1,000 to several thousand dollars. Cranes are certainly out of the question for low-budget films, but on a higher-profile video, they can provide a "wow" effect that is well worth the investment, much like drone filming.

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