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A customer testimonial is simply someone who has used your product or service before and is willing to share their thoughts about it. Written and video testimonials are the most prevalent types of customer testimonials. When you need to persuade your audience to take action, video testimonials give an added layer of persuasiveness and personality.

Client Testimonial Video Production Company in UK

The greatest approach to gain new clients or consumers, according to most business owners and marketers, is through word-of-mouth referrals rather than commercials, Facebook advertisements, or promotional freebies. Referrals from friends and co-workers, on the other hand, are often sporadic and difficult to replicate on a constant basis.

That's where video testimonials from clients and customers may help. In the age of internet video, testimonials, which have long been a feature of digital and print advertising, have taken on a new meaning.

If done right, they'll offer your potential consumers the impression that they're getting a personal recommendation from a friend or, at the very least, a real person they can relate to.

What exactly is a testimonial from a customer?

A customer testimonial is simply someone who has used your product or service before and is willing to share their thoughts about it. Written and video testimonials are the most prevalent types of customer testimonials. When you need to persuade your audience to take action, video testimonials give an added layer of persuasiveness and personality.

Authenticity is critical in a video testimonial. To optimize the impact (and believability) of the tale, you should prioritize telling a customer's story in his or her own words.

There are numerous compelling reasons to produce a client testimonial video for your business, but there is a right and incorrect way to do so.

Here are 7 Tips for Producing Great Customer Testimonial Videos:

Whether you already have a video marketing strategy in place or are just getting started, video is the best approach to persuade your audience to act. Because of the success of video as a medium, numerous types of video would be valuable in this context, but the customer testimonial is the one we recommend for driving purchase intent and converting leads.

Today, we're going to show you how to make amazing customer testimonial videos, along with some examples to get you started. Are you willing to get started?

Tip 1: Tell true stories about real people by using genuine clients.

Using actual clients and real experiences is one of the most effective ways to create powerful testimonial films. Real customers will not only appear more genuine (as opposed to paid actors in late-night TV infomercials), but they will also be able to talk from personal experience with your goods.

Tip 2: Emphasize value propositions that are obvious.

It's critical to tune into the why and highlight the genuine value propositions included in their experiences once you've located camera-ready clients and selected the stories you'd like to convey.

Always remember to consider the perspective of word-of-mouth. What would a potential customer or client ask if they had the opportunity to speak with one of your current or former clients? What do you think they'd be interested in finding out?

Tip 3: Make the video testimonials from customers engaging.

Finally, while testimonial films can be made in a variety of styles and forms, as well as for a variety of budgets, watch ability is at the core of any good one. Yes, you want to add information that will aid in sales, but if consumers quit watching halfway through the video, it will be ineffective.

Tip 4: Keep in mind that you're on the move.

It's worth remembering that over 75% of all digital material is seen on mobile these days while creating video content. To maintain people's attention, you must convey information swiftly. Did you notice that all three of the preceding samples are under one minute long? That's because they're thinking mobile, and so should you. It will not only keep your message clear and succinct, but it may also aid in the acquisition of new consumers.

Tip 5: Aim for natural, unscripted discussion.

Customer testimonials should read like a conversation between two people, not like a PR team's pitch deck for your brand. In fact, while developing a script for a client testimonial, you should try to avoid using any manufactured dialogue.

It's fine to have a functional screenplay to help you decide where to put your customer testimonials or provide a storyline that ties the video together. Customer testimonial videos, on the other hand, should be approached as naturally as possible.

Tip 6: Enhance the customer's appearance.

In a customer testimonial video, it's the consumer who shines. That is unique, and as a creator, you should be proud of it. As a result, you should always return the favor by making your customer appear excellent.

In today's fast virtual-first, distant world, this may be as simple as mailing your customer a ring light or other unique equipment in the days leading up to their testimonial. Alternatively, it could entail ensuring that your customer has adequate lighting and is at ease throughout their time on set. You won't know if someone is camera-shy unless you put them in front of the camera.

The worst thing you could do in a customer testimonial film is show footage of the client tripping over their words, having stressed-out body language, or doing anything they aren't proud of. However, noting the incorrect statement in your testimonial can put an end to your hopes of receiving a glowing recommendation.

In other words, if you serve your customers properly, they will treat you well in return.

Tip 7: Create a mental image of your ideal client.

The customer testimonial is an opportunity to meet new people while also paying tribute to those who helped you get here.

Consider a consumer with whom you've always wished to converse. Perhaps they belong to a different demographic than the majority of people who use your service or buy your goods. Maybe they represent a key segment of your market where you want to make a name for yourself.

Regardless of who they are, a customer testimonial video is one of the most effective ways to broaden your reach by placing your target buyer in direct contact with someone who can vouch for your products or services.

The value of positive social proof is indisputable, regardless of what type of testimonial video best meets your company's objectives. The customer testimonial is a must-have in any business' marketing video arsenal, whether you're simply citing them in text or showing an interview with them. And Film District UK has a wealth of knowledge in this form of video production as our own client testimonial can attest to.

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