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For those who may not be very familiar with the concept an Animated Explainer Video is, an explainer video is a short video that explains something. An explainer video is a short-form film that presents a company's product, service, or business idea in a captivating and efficient manner, and is typically used for marketing or sales purposes.

Animated Explainer Video Production Company in UK

For those who know Film District Dubai, India or UK well, they would know that the company aptly fits the description of "Jack of all trades.." but only with the exception that they're also "...master of all".

As a company steeped in the encompassing knowledge of video production; FDUK has over the years masterminded a number of exciting and very original animated explainer videos to the satisfaction and praise of varied clientele.

If you're looking into a new product that you've lately heard about, you're in luck: there's almost certainly a video for it. When you visit a company's website, you'll find a wealth of information about their services, but an explainer film is one of the most common ways to communicate this information to potential clients.

For those who may not be very familiar with the concept; an Animated Explainer Video is, an explainer video is a short video that explains something. An explainer video is a short-form film that presents a company's product, service, or business idea in a captivating and efficient manner, and is typically used for marketing or sales purposes. Explainer videos are typically included on landing pages or on the homepage of a company's website. Some people even utilize these films to promote their product or service on social media platforms like Facebook.

But Why An Animated Explainer Video?

More than merely increasing sales and conversions, creating an animated explainer video is a good idea. It has the ability to motivate people and focus on a wide range of objectives.

It condenses difficult business concepts into a concise, interesting explanation that anyone can comprehend. Even if they have no prior knowledge of or experience with the product or service you're selling.

Here are Some of the Reasons You Need An Animated Explainer Video:

1. Animated explainer videos are short.

Some people's attention spans are limited. You'll have a difficult time persuading them to stay if they don't care about your business in the first place. It is your responsibility to pique their interest in your company. Explainer videos that are animated might be as brief as one minute or even less.

You have a lot of knowledge but only a short amount of time to explain it. An animated explainer video can assist in swiftly breaking down the key elements of a problem and its solution. You can also communicate your message in the simplest and most brief manner possible. It's all about providing only the information your audience needs and removing the information they don't. Finally, tell them only the information they require.

2. Animated explainer videos are narrated.

Your video should be short and sweet, with enough of opportunity for you to interact with your viewers. To achieve your objective goal, you'll need a compelling and killer script before you begin. We previously discussed how to write a killer explainer video screenplay in a blog post.

Ascertain that your audience has a good time while watching the film and absorbing the content. Take no notice of the explainer video's voice or content.

3. Animated.

You can create an explainer video that includes a lot of action scenes. Make an investment in motion graphics to promote your product or service. Certain businesses, on the other hand, are not appropriate for a certain niche or industry.

Use characters and items that both symbolize your business and help your audience understand the concept or idea you're attempting to convey.

4. Upbeat.

It's possible that your explainer film will be your audience's first point of contact. It creates a perception of you or your company in their minds. As a result, selecting an explainer film with a lively or welcoming tone is critical.

While watching an explainer film, 97 percent of users improved their understanding of a product or service. In addition, 76% said video assisted them in increasing sales. A landing page with a video can boost conversions by more than 80%.

What are the objectives that you're aiming for? Give us a call today to set up an appointment.

5. Increase the percentage of conversions

Given that video currently shows in 70% of the top 100 search results and that viewers are 64-85% more likely to purchase after seeing a product video, it's a marketing approach you shouldn't overlook.

6. The product is clarified.

Demo movies, for example, enable you to put your product through its paces in front of potential buyers. They will be able to see how your product functions in this manner. It provides users with information about your product and how to efficiently use it.

An explainer video is a simple yet effective technique to convey the benefits of a product to people who are unfamiliar with it.

7. Marketing initiatives will benefit greatly from it.

A 200-300 percent boost in click-through rate can be achieved by using videos in emails. This is due to the fact that watching a video is far more entertaining and far easier than reading a long text. Also, if utilized to demonstrate how to use a product, it is more likely to be beneficial. Maybe you're describing a product that's difficult to express in words.

Which animated explainer video is most appropriate for your company?

There are some videos that are better than others. You can't promote a certain product to a large audience by using it. Similarly, an explainer film is tailored to diverse categories of viewers who share a common interest in the product being sold.

The various types of explainer videos that could be appropriate for your company are listed below.

1. Screencast Video:

It's a basic video with a modest budget. It demonstrates the operation of your product or service. This is ideal for customers who prefer to try things out before buying them.

2. Videos in Cartoon Form:

It all comes down to the art of telling a good story. Your business is the hero of the day, solving the concerns of your customers.

First and foremost, explainer videos are usually entertaining, smart, and fun. They're also effective at humanizing your brand and establishing trust. Furthermore, because the characters shape the brand's persona, it's critical to understand your target market's gender, age, and other demographics.

Cartoon style movies are a good choice if you're targeting end customers, small enterprises, or start-ups.

3. Whiteboard animation:

The information is developed right in front of the audience's eyes, making it a very engaging strategy. These movies are excellent for clearly expressing complicated material. It's perfect for IT or software firms.

4. Animated video

For businesses, it has a beautiful and appealing design. It is frequently used in more serious profiles, such as those of financial institutions. To make the video more stunning, you can include 2D animation.

What are the advantages of video content?

Any sort of video material, including animated explainer videos, is a versatile and effective marketing tool.

Unlike traditional ads, YouTube advertisers can constantly engage viewers in a short period of time, making video marketing more efficient and successful.

Everyone enjoys reading stuff that is both entertaining and informative. Videos, especially animated explainer videos, are more intriguing and engaging than anything else. Also worth noting is the fact that, behind Google, YouTube is the second most popular search engine.

Putting your video on YouTube and your website boosts your visibility and chances of ranking high in search results. Consider uploading videos on social media; you'll be able to reach a large number of people.

The advantage of animated explainer films over written explanations is that most people prefer to watch them rather than read them. It also has a broad reach across practically all industries and demographics.

In every aspect, animated explainer videos are appealing. It is far more effective in forging strong bonds with existing and new clients. Visitors who watch videos spend twice as much time on the site and look at twice as many pages as those who do not.

Customization is becoming more popular nowadays. Personalized video enables for more exact and personalized audience targeting in a specific location. Customers can participate in what you develop by watching videos. After all, it's all about improving the customer experience and including them into your company's growth and success.

Animated Explainer Videos? Look No Further Than FDUK.

Do you have everything you need to start making your animated explainer video? Film District UK Animated Explainers can help you with animated explainers in London, Manchester, and Bristol.

We have a wide choice of animated explainer movies to assist you achieve your goals and objectives, from 2D to 3D videos, whiteboard animation, and more.

We produce various kinds of animation at Film District UK. We've got everything you need, including demo videos, product videos, and educational films. We make it easy for you to communicate your company's mission and ideas to your target audience.

We're ecstatic to assist you in bringing your ideas to life and to contribute to your company's growth and success.

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