12 of Londons Most Luxurious Cinemas
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A night at the movies is always a good idea, but when you make it a trip to a luxury theatre, you'll turn it into a night to remember. Luxury theatres frequently screen a variety of films, from the newest blockbusters to timeless classics, and the focus is not just on the movie itself but rather the complete experience. The best movie theatres in the UK are located in London.

A trip to the movies used to be a special affair, a day out at the "picture palace" with opulent seating and waiter service. Today, it's more about price hikes, slippery flooring, and loud popcorn eating. However, things don't have to be this way. We've compiled a list of London's most opulent movie theatres as a result.

1. Screening Room at the Soho Hotel, Soho.

The five-star Soho Hotel features two luxurious screening rooms where moviegoers may watch classic and new releases in true style, making it the most opulent of all London's theatres. This is the most opulent movie theatre in London because to the meticulous design, and the red leather and cowhide chairs were made by renowned Italian furniture designers, Poltona.

The "Weekend Film Club" screens a selected movie in one of its cutting-edge theatres every Sunday. Refuel, the hotel's superb restaurant, is open to visitors as well.

2. Everyman Screen on the Green, Islington

Everyman manage a number of theatres throughout Britain, as though on a mission to combat the Cineworld disease that has afflicted moviegoers for the past ten years. Each of their locations has a hint of grandeur, but Screen on the Green in Islington stands out the most.

The screens still have their charm despite the facility having opened its doors more than a century ago. The restoration of waiter service adds a special touch of sophistication, while the installation of luxurious sofas didn't diminish the ambience of luxury. There was also general jubilation when Everyman decided to outlaw the consumption of popcorn while watching television in favour of more sophisticated bar snacks.

3. Knightsbridge's Bulgari Hotel Cinema

The Bulgari Hotel Cinema, which is devoted to the late Sir Richard Attenborough, is unquestionably the most opulent venue on this list. Although there is just one screen, the 47-seat private area has gorgeous leather chairs and stylish decor.

They've made investments in the most cutting-edge HD sound and image, and the theatre has a carefully curated collection of movies from which visitors can select. These were chosen by Lord David Puttnam, the hotel's chairman, and include both vintage and contemporary films.

4. The Backyard Theater in Wandsworth

Just a movie? When making a reservation to see a movie at the Backyard Cinema in Wandsworth, London, consider the entire luxury cinema experience. This is a whole unique type of movie-watching occasion.

Choosing a movie is one thing, but you can also count on amazing theming to transport you. It is undoubtedly a talking point to reach your seat at Christmastime by navigating a ball pit river and an antique curiosity shop.

 You then settle in on the bean bag chairs. If you visit during the summer, these could even be "on the beach."

Afterward, spend some time relaxing and taking advantage of the courtyard's pubs and food vendors. The rosemary chips here are a must-try!

5. Portobello Road's Electric Cinema.

Thankfully, the fantastic bar selection at Electric Cinema keeps packets of M&Ms out of sight. In its place, alternatives as diverse as crispy duck leg with lentils or steak frites with bearnaise are available. They have a "vintage candy combination" that is worth trying if you have a sweeter tooth.

Although those seeking an additional dose of splendour may be tempted to choose the two seater sofas at the rear of the screen, leather seating comes with footstalls for the utmost in luxury.

6. Curzon, Mayfair.

The original Curzon theatre, located in Mayfair, has a long tradition of screening the best independent films. It has two royal boxes as well as one of the biggest screens in the UK.

The cinema is thought to be responsible for the first-ever age limit on movies in the UK. They started bringing in foreign films, such as Max Ophuls' version of the French play La Ronde from the late 1800s. Only individuals who were at least 16 years old could view the movie because the X certificate was reactively introduced.

7. The Selfridges Theater

Indulgent shopping and a trip to a vintage movie can be combined at Selfridges in Mayfair. It was only inaugurated in 2019, and Covid naturally caused it to be closed for the majority of that time, so it still feels brand-new.

There are three separate screens in The Cinema at Selfridges, none of which are very large (largest is just 80 seats). Watching new releases and indie movies is possible, and you can do so in comfortable, reclined seats.

Before entering, place your food and drink orders.

8. Piccadilly's Picturehouse Central

Picturehouse Central, located in Piccadilly at the intersection of Shaftesbury Avenue and Great Windmill Street, is unquestionably one of the competitors for the best cinema in London when it comes to luxury.

Enter the foyer through the doors to see a stunning space with a distinct artsy vibe, complete with bold members-only bar and eye-catching lighting. Here, you may view independent movies and even live theatre performances.

9. Battersea's Archlight Cinema

The Archlight Cinema, located in the revitalised Battersea Power Station neighbourhood, is relatively new to the upscale moviegoing scene. Film enthusiasts will especially enjoy this theatre because it has cutting-edge technology and excellent sound.

There is a wide variety of food and beverages that you can enjoy while watching a movie. Make sure to schedule time to relax in this fantastic, emerging neighbourhood.

 10. Hackney's Castle Cinema

I do appreciate independent companies, and the Hackney Castle Cinema fits that bill. In fact, it currently refers to itself as a neighbourhood crowd-funded cinema. What a cool thing!

Actually, it was first established in 1913, and now, you can still find the same vibe there. Going to the theatre and feeling that nostalgia is fantastic.

The armchairs are incredibly comfortable, and I appreciate that you can order a craft beer to enjoy with the movie.

11. BFI Southbank Waterloo.

Without mentioning the BFI on the Southbank, any overview of London's theatres would be lacking. The British Film Institute's flagship, where wonderful films are exquisitely presented.

You'll see cult classics readily seated alongside odd and unexpected indie goods in lists that are jam-packed with events, including festivals. It's also a wonderful idea to spend some time in the bar and restaurant.

12. The Fellowship and Star.

Due to the lack of recliners and other extravagant luxury features found in some of the other theatres on the list so far, it doesn't always appear on lists of luxury cinemas. It does, however, make it onto my list since it includes something wholly original. Is that a bar? Is it a theatre? A place for music? Well, it accomplishes this marvelously and is all three.

The Fellowship and Star is for you if you're sick of having your movie night restricted by the movie times; both before and after, enjoy the pub. It is also an affordable choice.

Think luxuriously the next time you want to watch a movie in London! Choose a location that offers you an experience that elevates your night rather than just a place to watch the movie. 

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