What Is Corporate Video Production
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With the popularity of corporate video productions and viewing on the rise, more business executives are beginning to see videos as a must-have in their marketing strategy and day-to-day operations. According to a recent Forbes study, 75% of corporate leaders watch work-related videos on company websites at least once a week.

The phrase "corporate video" refers to all video communications that are used for internal or external corporate messages. The target audience is one of the ways that corporate video differs from typical video advertising. A corporate video is frequently targeted towards a certain demographic rather than the broader public. A corporate film could be made to communicate financial results to investors or to highlight a new firm initiative. Employee training and promotional videos for new product lines or services are examples of corporate videos.

Types of corporate videos.

As previously said, corporate video is a broad phrase that encompasses a variety of video formats, each of which is employed for a distinct purpose. The varieties of corporate videos that are produced are listed below.

1. Promotional Videos.

Promotional videos are intended to draw attention to a particular company endeavour, product, or service. Broadgate, an office and retail estate in the City of London is one example. Broadgate has debuted Broadgate Circle, a new dining destination. Broadgate Circle hired Bold Content to make a film for them to utilize on their website and in their marketing campaign to advertise their launch night.

2. Tutorial Videos.

Onboarding new personnel, health and safety training, and employee upskilling are all covered through training films. When compared to in-person training, training films have become a very popular technique of educating employees. One of the benefits of training films is that they may be shot once and then shown to a variety of people.

3. Video Messages for internal Use.

Your company is brimming with employees. Those people could be dispersed throughout numerous floors, cities, or even countries. That's why, as it relates to our corporate video productions, we've recently observed an increase in internal communications videos. These are productions created to only be seen by employees or contractors of your company, to swiftly bring everyone on the same page.

4. Conference Videos.

Conference videos are produced to provide information to business event attendees. Videos generated for conferences can be used in presentations, trade booths, and other areas within the conference venue. The conference film about the growth of financial centres that we made for the City of London is an example of this.

5. Companies' Social Responsibility Videos.

Corporate social responsibility is a relatively recent segment of corporate video (CSR). Corporations are increasingly participating in social initiatives that benefit society. This film for Coca-recycling Cola's campaign is an excellent example of CSR. External and internal audiences can benefit from CSR videos.

6. Video for Corporate Hiring.

A corporate recruiting film can help you promote your company's brand, show off its culture, and persuade people to apply. The purpose of corporate recruiting films is to give potential employees a taste of what your firm is all about while also reaching your talent acquisition goals.

7. Testimonial Videography.

Client testimonial movies with live-action are frequently used to increase consumer trust and to showcase a company's personality. Users can travel behind the scenes of a firm, learn about its history, and/or emphasize a brand's distinct personality by watching business testimonial films.

Process of Making a Corporate Video

Depending on a variety of conditions, the procedure for creating corporate videos will vary. The nature of the project, whether the video is produced by an internal team or an external firm, and the sort of film being produced are all factors to consider. Here's a quick rundown of what happens when a business decides to hire a video production company outside of the company.

What's the procedure for making a business video?

A step-by-step approach is usually followed when making a video:

1. Pre-production includes creating a budget, conceiving a concept, and producing a script (or script outline). If a voiceover is required, it is frequently recorded before moving further with the project.

2. After deciding on a style, a storyboard is constructed to lay out the activities scene by scene. The style determines the rest of the procedure.

(i)Setting a shooting site, hiring talent (if needed), and recording with a professional camera and lighting crew are all part of the live-action video production process.

(ii) Animation: Creating graphics assets based on a pre-determined style and storyboard, then animating them in After Effects, is part of the production process for animated videos.

3. Post-production: Following the completion of the corporate video, the post-production process entails any necessary editing, as well as the inclusion of finishing touches such as additional on-screen graphics and sound design.

Corporate videos are an area of business communication that is continually growing. Corporates are finding new ways to interact with both internal and external audiences because of advances in video technology and web platforms. Video consumption has increased dramatically on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter in the last year. New technologies, such as 360 video and virtual reality, promise a world of even more involvement. Corporates will have new options to better express their message to their target consumers as a result of these changes.

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