How to Shoot Good Product Videos
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Before moving on to Product Video Shoots, it's important to note that product video shoots and product photography are not the same things.

They are not quite the same thing although they may appear to be similar. Product video shootings are always a blast! It entails numerous creative hurdles because each object you shot need a unique style and approach.

A professional video production business is aware of the essential needs for any product video shoot, as well as the client's expectations for the final output. Before moving forward with the product shoot, the number of factors is specified and an analysis is performed.

The first thing to consider before the shoot is what kind of product you'll be photographing, as the product's variations will affect how you shoot.

If the product is edible, you must determine whether it will be displayed on its own or inside its packaging. If it's an electrical device, a gadget, or a set of light bulbs, you'll follow a different process.

A separate shooting method will be used for vehicles and other related products. If the product is made of glass or water, you must additionally select how you will photograph it, as reflective and refractive items react differently to sunlight.

To achieve better results, every product video production business will make certain that adequate clarity exists before the shoot begins.
The next consideration is the shooting setting. A natural background or a solid plane frame is largely dependent on your product and the brief provided by your customer, who specifies the feel and style they desire from this product photography.

You decide on the type of lighting to provide the product to improve its appearance on screen after a lot of brainstorming. Remember how you put up the lighting — key light, fill light, background light, and backlight? Many of the product shoots will benefit from this. The type of professional lighting setup that will work best for the product, as well as the brand or client, is entirely up to the product video production firm.

Aside from that, you should develop a list of items that could be included in the shot to enhance the product's attractiveness and aesthetic appeal. For example, we may need to add specific ingredients to some food articles to make them appear more appealing than they are. For example, if you're filming KFC's Chicken or Burgers, glycerin is used to make them look more appealing, and if you're filming a mango drink, the same coloured blocks are utilized.

Because beauty draws people in, it's important to make sure that the beginning and end of the product shot video keep viewers glued to their seats. Finally, the product shots we choose play a role in the game! The better the product photos we plan, the better the output. Planning when to use an 85mm lens and when to use a 100mm lens to get a broad and close-up view of the product, as well as how we position the product and camera, can make all the difference. This is how a product video production business plans and conducts a product video shoot to achieve the intended results.

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