How Much Does a Corporate Videographer Cost
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Have you ever wanted to know how much a corporate video costs? Have you ever been asked to come up with a video budget and been taken aback or completely perplexed by the various figures you receive?

What does it cost to produce a business video? It depends on the situation. It could cost anything between $900 and $9000 to $30,000 and more.

That may not be the response you're looking for but bear with me. Before you contact a corporate video production agency, I'll give you five things to consider that affect the price of your corporate video that you may not have considered. This will help you better plan your ideas and manage your budget expectations and frustrations. I'll also offer three suggestions to assist you.

5 factors influence the cost of a corporate videographer.
1. What is the Time Frame for This?

The greatest method to control you expect to ask yourself "how long will what I'm asking for taking?" rather than "what is my pre-determined budget?" Every quotation should start with this question, based on that time requirement - there's no secret formula or hidden costs here; it's simply a case of paying for the time.

2. How Long Is the Video?

Every shot has implicit expenses (crew, equipment, etc.) that are the same whether it's a three-minute corporate video or a 15-second social media clip — but there's also a complicated filming and editing process. The more footage you shoot, the longer it takes to edit. So don't be surprised if editing the seven locations you requested into your 30-second movie takes longer than you expect.

3. Is Your Brief Very Clear?

It will go a long way toward keeping costs down if you are clear on what you want from start to finish. It's all too usual for a customer to decide after a video's entire edit that they want something in it that wasn't in the initial brief. We've seen so many of these types of briefs that we can predict when a product's cost will skyrocket, and we'll alert the client before anything gets started. When creating a brief, though, remember to be specific and make those selections early. When a brief has an excessively broad scope, it will always cost more.

4. What Are the Parameters of the Project?

A corporate shot with a few interviews and filming in one location versus a more creative session with many locations is vastly different. It necessitates different equipment, more involved direction, and larger crews, as well as scheduling various hours to catch good light at sunrise or sunset, and typically more time spent editing.

5. Don't Forget About the Small Details That Build Up.

Other costs, such as actor hire, hair and makeup, music licensing, voice-over recording, subtitles and translations, as well as travel charges and expenses, start to mount up depending on what you want from your corporate video production. If you obtain an estimate that is lacking in specifics, it is not a bad idea to query it and ensure that you understand what these fees are for.

Think About Being Open About Your Budget Limitations.

Consider being honest about your financial situation. Yes, you could be taken advantage of by unscrupulous operators. However, I believe it is indicated that you should always pick a corporate video production agency that you can trust — or that has been recommended to you by a reliable source. You will find that working with Film District Dubai as experience working with much different clientele with varied budgets have enabled our professional videographers to help clients achieve more with less. 

Transparency and trust result in a substantially stronger creative process. With FDD, you avoid the "give me a quote please" and "that quote is too costly, we're done here" types of conversations, you will almost always be able to find a solution that falls inside your budget. That doesn't produce the best results!

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