Guide to Ordering Opening and End Credits in Movies
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Almost every film includes credits at the beginning and finish. The film's opening credits list the studios and production companies that worked on it, as well as the names of the principal cast members. Everyone engaged in the film's production is listed in the end credits, which display after the last scene.

What Is the Best Way to Order the Opening Credits?

Often, the billing order of a film's opening credits is dictated by guild or union contracts. The distributing production company comes first, followed by the production company, the filmmaker, the title, and the cast in the traditional opening credits order. The remaining opening credits, beginning with the casting director and finishing with the director's credit, mention individuals in order of increasing importance to the film's creation.

Opening Credits: Basic Sequence

While non-union producers are free to order their opening movie credit sequence as they like, most guild and union movies follow a standard format:

1. The distributor is the company responsible for getting your movie into theatres. They could also be in charge of the movie's finance.

2. A studio (or a subsidiary of one) or an independent production business can produce your film. The production firm supplies everything you'll need to create and film your film.

3. Director of photography: A credit like "A Martin Scorcese Picture" or "A Spike Lee Joint" could appear right before the title of a blockbuster Hollywood movie, indicating that the viewer might expect that filmmaker's imprint.

4. The film's title.

5. Actors: The film's principal stars will be given first billing, followed by the film's supporting cast, who may share title cards depending on their roles' size.

6. The person or firm who gathered and auditioned the talent for the parts is known as the casting director.

7. The person in charge of composing and scoring the film's music is known as a music composer.

8. The person who developed the clothes for all of the actors and extras onsets is referred to as a costume designer.

9. Associate producers are lower-level producers who frequently act as the producer's assistant.

10. The editor combines all of the film's scenes.

11. The production designer, also known as a set designer, is in charge of creating a setting that closely resembles the director's vision.

12. The cinematographer is in charge of a film's visual appearance. A cinematographer collaborates with the camera and lighting crews to ensure that the camera captures the action in the way that the director intended.

13. On a film set, the term "executive producer" can refer to a variety of roles. On behalf of the studio or financiers, an executive producer manages the producers. They can also be the ones that got the project started in the first place.

14. Producers: Producers oversee the day-to-day operations of a set and deal with the budget, expenses, and hiring decisions for the cast and crew.

15. The screenplay was written by a scriptwriter (or a screenwriting team).

16. The last title card in the opening credits belongs to the film's director.

What Is the Ordering of Closing Credits?

The rules for a film's end credits sequence are less strict than those for the opening credits sequence. Before the scrolling credits, the names of above-the-line professionals are frequently displayed on cards again, in a reverse sequence of the opening—the director's name comes first, followed by the writer, producer, executive producer, and director of photography. Following the prominent star credits, the credits for below-the-line crew personnel begin.

1. Directors

2. Writers

3. Producers

4. Executive Producers

5. Photographer's director

6. Production Designer 

7. Editor

8. Composer (at times followed after by the music supervisor)

9. Costume Designer 

10. Visual Effects Supervisor ( at times succeeded by or shared with the visual effects producer)

11. Co-producers 

12. Casting Director

13. Depending on the film, major lead cast members (sometimes big stars are listed again in a separate or stylized sequence)

14. Manager of a production unit

15. Assistant director number one

16. Assistant director number two

17. Complete cast and crew list.

18. Co-producers/Casting director.

19. All actors and choreographers are part of the stunt department.

20. Grip, electric, sound, wardrobe, art, hair and makeup, and any other departments involved in the production.

21. Assistant editors, foley artists, colourists, and visual effects editors are among the divisions that work in postproduction.

22. Those in charge of composing, arranging, and editing the music receive credit for their efforts.

23. Services provided by a caterer and a crafter.

24. Unit two (the crew in charge of shooting additional or supplemental footage for the film)

25. Title design.

26. Special appreciation. 

27. Logos for any guilds engaged in the production, such as the Writers Guild of America (WGA) or the Director's Guild of America (DGA), as well as any equipment manufacturers or rental companies.

28. Locations for the shoot.

29. Recording studio for the final sound mix.

30. Copyright Disclaimers stating the film's fictional nature and, if appropriate, compliance with animal welfare laws.

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