British Actors That Guarantee Box Office Success
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British actors are establishing themselves in some of the most well-liked Hollywood films. But what distinguishes one performer from the other, despite the numerous leading parts they play? Which British performer assures a strong box office performance?

Based on their box office sales as a leading actor and the relevant movie costs, Money Guru did the math to determine which British actors have the best Return on Investment (ROI). You might be surprised by the results, but these celebrities pay the highest salaries.

The most bankable British star is Dame Julie Andrews, who offers a remarkable 785% ROI (and £6.85 for every £1 spent) based on her box office earnings as a leading actress in nine films worldwide. Andrews has an impressive filmography, with works like The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins guaranteeing box office success.

With her enormous 737% ROI produced across two Blockbusters, Dame Julie Walters, another actress, is the second British movie star that propels theatre sales. She has a rich TV resume and has been nominated for two Academy Awards and won a Golden Globe over her career.

Although she is well-known in the British film industry, the majority of her reputation comes from her work as a supporting actor. Nevertheless, Walters will get you £6.36 for every £1 invested in just two movies, as opposed to Daniel Radcliffe's 11 movies.

Dame Maggie Smith, another actress, comes in third with a ROI of 712%. She played the lead in seven well-known movies, including The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and The Lady in the Van, and her ROI was estimated. She also gives £6.11 for each £1 in addition.


The Money Guru examined each film to initially identify the leading British actors using information from Box Office Mojo and the 50 highest grossing movies ever made (from 1993 to the present).

The Return on Investment was then calculated by Money Guru after reviewing each actor's filmography, taking into account both the budget for each picture and their box office earnings as a leading actor (ROI). Their ROI is determined by:

Box office revenue and film budget equal return on investment (ROI)

Franchises were not disregarded in the process, nor were the ages of the performers taken into account; only the films in which they had played the lead role were considered.

Compared to their male counterparts, British female movie stars are a better investment.

Surprisingly, British female actors provide 15% more value than British male actors do.

There have been prominent pay disparities in the film industry over the past few years, particularly between male and female actors. According to prior research, the 10 highest paid male actors in the world earn more than twice as much as the 10 highest paid female actors, according to the research. Money Guru's research indicates that female stars are more likely to generate a hit than their male counterparts, even if gender pay disparities are still a hot topic.

Only Daniel Radcliffe and Rowan Atkinson, two performers who represent the top five actors in terms of worth, are men. The top three British film stars that can guarantee box office success are Dames Julie Andrews, Dame Julie Walters, and Dame Maggie Smith (based on their previous performances).

According to previous studies, only 32% of the characters in the top-grossing movies of the twenty-first century were played by women, and fewer of these women were given major roles.

The 10 highest paid actresses in 2018 made a startling £443 million less than the highest paid actors, according to Forbes. When Michelle Williams received $1,500 for the All the Money in the World reshoots compared to her male co-star Mark Wahlberg's $1.5 million paycheck, it was a famous instance of the wage disparity.

However, the survey by Money Guru found that women in the top 10 deliver a 15% better ROI than their male competitors, indicating that the film business needs a change in mentality.

One of Britain's most popular actors is Mr. Bean.

Rowan Atkinson and Daniel Radcliffe are right behind the most popular actresses in terms of popularity.

With a ROI of 665%, Daniel Radcliffe is the "Chosen One" of British male actors. Radcliffe promises box office success and £5.56 for every $1 thanks to her 11 acting roles, which include those in the Harry Potter series and The Woman in Black.

The nation's favourite Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson, is, however, closely following suit. The fifth most marketable actor is Atkinson, despite fierce competition from Oscar winners. Based on the box office receipts of five films, his ROI is 628%, and he is paying out £5.28 for every £1.

Atkinson has starred in a variety of well-known TV shows and movies, including the Mr. Bean and Johnny English franchises, and his total box office earnings are close to £1 billion.

The aforementioned Kate Winslet, who has been in 12 films as the lead, and Sam Worthington, who has starred in five big-budget movies, are among the other actors who make an appearance on the list of the top 10 most bankable.

Oscar victories do not ensure box office success.

The Oscars, also referred to as the Academy Awards, are thought to be the most prestigious cinematic acting prizes. The analysis by Money Guru found that while the awards are an honour, they do not necessarily translate into box office success.

Money Guru discovered that Russell Brand, who has starring roles in movies like Get Him to the Greek and a supporting role in the massively successful Minions film, is more likely to generate sales and offer a better ROI than Oscar winners.

Brand has a higher return on investment (ROI) from just three movies than Academy Award winner Sir Ben Kingsley, who has a ROI of 208% from eight main performances.

Steve Coogan is the least marketable actor in Britain.

Based on his box office success when placed in the starring role, TV and movie star Steve Coogan is ranked as Britain's least bankable actor by the Money Guru study. His average ROI is 86% despite a nearly 40-year career that has included four main roles, including Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa. While Coogan contributes £0.13 for every £1, he is well recognized for his supporting parts in the movies Kingsman: The Secret Service, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Minions series.

Ewan McGregor and Jude Law, with ROIs of 144% ($0.44 for every $1) and 149% ($0.49 for every $1), respectively, are the second and third least bankable British actors. McGregor has played the lead in 25 movies, including the Academy Award-winning Moulin Rouge and Trainspotting.

Jude Law, who has played 10 lead roles and is up for an Academy Award for Best Actor for the movie Cold Mountain, has a similar resume.

Notably, only one actress—Helena Bonham Carter—made the Money Guru list of Britain's least bankable actors, demonstrating once again how much more effective female actors are than male actors and how they should be given the opportunity to play more prominent roles.

The outcomes are now available. Even though they make less money and appear in 68% fewer leading roles than the top 10 male actors, the top 10 British actresses provide 15% greater value if you are trying to make a box office smash.

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